Lawn Sprinkler & Irrigation Installations

Irrigation & Sprinkler System Installers in Malibu, CA
Efficient Sprinkler Systems For A Thriving Landscape and Optimal Water Usage 

An efficient and properly installed irrigation system keeps your landscape looking its best and controls water usage. Your plantings will consistently receive the proper amount of water needed to thrive, while helping you conserve water. When plants receive the right amount of water, they grow healthier. Properly installed irrigation prevents over-watering, a common problem in the dry climate of Southern California. As a result, it minimizes over-watering problems such as root rot and fungal diseases.

Malibu Nursery & Landscaping is a full service sprinkler installation company based out of Malibu, CA, and serving the surrounding areas of Calabasas, Agoura Hills, and Westlake Village. As part of our top-to bottom service approach, we design and install systems that promote a healthy landscape and meet the unique watering needs of each client's property. We care about your landscape. That's why our sprinkler systems maximize coverage and minimize water usage by delivering precise, timed, watering using the most current Hunter and Rain Bird sprinkler technology.

Sprinkler System Installations, Service and Repairs

  • New irrigation system installations
  • Lawn and garden sprinkler systems
  • Existing irrigation system repairs
  • Irrigation blowouts and servicing
  • Residential irrigation systems
  • Commercial irrigation systems
  • Complex irrigation problem solving

How Does An Irrigation System Save Water?

Water conservation is a top priority in California. Fortunately, modern irrigation systems deliver water strategically and precisely distribute water in order to control water usage and prevent overwatering.

New irrigation systems use a computerized controller that routes the water through the appropriate zone and distributes it using special sprinkler heads. A properly installed irrigation system evenly distributes the water so that none of it goes to waste. It will water your lawn and garden more efficiently without wasting water on places it’s not needed such as driveways, sidewalks and patios.

Our primary goal when installing an irrigation system on a customer's property is to distribute the water efficiently to the zones that require it. In addition, we design the system to operate trouble free and easy to maintain.

How Do Sprinkler System Zones Work?

When it comes to irrigation or sprinkler systems, we frequently refer to an “irrigation zone”. When planning and installing your lawn or garden sprinkler system we divide your property into zones. By zoning your property we ensure that Zone A (or Zone 1) will receive X amount of water for X amount of time, and Zone B (Zone 2) will only receive Y amount of water for Y amount of time. There may be several zones depending on the complexity of your lawns, gardens, and landscaping.

Establishing sprinkler zones allows your sprinkler system to discharge precise amounts of water for fixed periods of time depending on the particular needs of that section of your property.  This reduces water usage significantly, while keeping your lawns and gardens vibrant and healthy.

Solving Complex Irrigation System Problems

If your current existing irrigation system inadequate or not functioning properly, it’s important to choose a sprinkler company that can solve complex irrigation system problems. Poorly installed sprinkler systems almost always cost more money in the long run when it becomes time to dig up and repair a poorly installed sprinkler system.

Common Problems We See With Sprinkler Systems:

  • Incorrectly installed sprinkler heads
  • Using the wrong type of sprinkler heads
  • Timers running for too long
  • Sprinkler zones not coming on when they are supposed to
  • Underground pipe leaks
  • Poor and inefficient sprinkler layout

Residential Irrigation Installations

Building a new home? Renovating your landscaping? Are your lawn and gardens unhealthy due to irregular and inconsistent watering? We can provide a properly installed sprinkler system for your residential property that addresses your irrigation needs.

  • Residential irrigation installations
  • New landscaping irrigation installations
  • Lawn sprinkler system installations
  • Townhome or HOA sprinkler installations
  • Winterizing residential sprinkler systems
  • Spring sprinkler system start-ups

Whether it's for a private residence, a townhome or condo complex, or an HOA that needs an irrigation system installed and maintained, Malibu Nursery & Landscaping can help.

Commercial Irrigation Installations

An efficient irrigation system is essential for commercial properties with intricate landscaping, gardens or large grassy areas. We can provide a properly installed sprinkler system for your commercial property that addresses your irrigation needs.

  • Commercial landscape sprinkler installations
  • Sports field sprinkler installations
  • Commercial sprinkler maintenance
  • Winterizing (blow outs) and spring sprinkler system start-ups

Whether you’re building a new commercial development or installing new landscaping on an existing property, we can plan, install and professionally maintain an irrigation system to meet your property's  unique watering needs.

How Much Will a New Irrigation System Cost?

There are many variables to consider when designing and installing an irrigation system. For that reason, our process starts with a site visit and consultation to determine the scope of the project.

During our site visit we’ll take accurate measurements, gather information on the size of your property, and take note of the different plants, trees, and grassy areas that require watering.  We'll determine how much water is necessary and for how long. From there, we will provide an estimate on the cost of your new irrigation system.

Why Choose Malibu Nursery & Landscaping To Install Your New Sprinkler System?

When you choose Malibu Nursery & Landscaping for your sprinkler system services you’re partnering with a team of experienced sprinkler system specialists who genuinely care about the health of your landscape.  With our knowledgeable team, professional equipment, and high level of workmanship your new sprinkler system will keep your landscape healthy for many years to come.

If you would you like to schedule an estimate for new irrigation installation, please call 805-905-1112. Or, fill out our contact form, and we'll get back to you right away.